Recently, I’ve been approved by the Americas Regional Membership Board as an Official Ubuntu Member!! I just want to say that I’m really glad to become part of this great community!!.

And just for you to get to know me, I contribute in differente areas, such as the Peruvian LoCo TeAm, I’m an Official Ubuntu Spanish Translator, I also give support on #ubuntu-pe, and I recently started with MOTU stuff.

I need to say that I’ve already done a couple of merges… so if anyone has suggestions on how to get started with MOTU, I’ll be more than glad to hear you!! I also want to thank effie for having such a great MOTU Journey Guide, also thank nxvl for helping me getting started with merging, and all the others who have helped me getting started on my merges, I really appreciate it :).

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  1. Eric Yeoh Says:


    I am working for an initiative that provides open solution and migration for Governmental agencies. Part of my job is to do research on things like DEB packaging and Ubuntu disc remastering to ease migration from XP to Ubuntu and Windows servers to Ubuntu Servers running OpenLDAP.

    Can you please provide some guidance/links? Like any Governmental agencies, I just have too many things on my plate at the moment.


  2. roaksoax Says:

    Hi there!! i Have yo say that that’s is great. Links that i can provide you are this, where you can find useful information:

    About guidance, since i’m just starting with debian packaging, i believe you should better join #ubuntu-motu on irc.freenode.net and ask. There, you will find lots of people that will help you… About OpenLDAP, you should enter to #ubuntu-server, and ask for help there.

    So if you have the time… and need more help.. i would recommend you to enter those channels because you will find there more useful help and information. Hope you there, my nickname RoAkSoAx.

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