I now have a MOTU Mentor!

Today, just few hours ago I received a notification from Nicolás Valcarcel (nxvl), who is part of the MOTU Mentors Reception Board, telling me that I have been assigned a MOTU Mentor for the Junior Mentoring Program.

When he told me that I had a mentor already, I just felt that things are going the way I planned :). My mentor is Steven Stalcup (vorian), and even though he loves KDE and I love GNOME, we will get along :). Every package is good to work with while someone is learning, but I’m really interested on Server Related stuff.

So if anyone has a suggestion for my learning process don’t hesitate to contact me. I set up a wikipage,  where I’ll keep track of everything I’ll do through the mentoring process. I already have a first task… read the Debian New Maintainer’s Guide. Should be easy since I already have worked with some tools and done some merges. But anyways… wish me luck :).


One Response to “I now have a MOTU Mentor!”

  1. DktrKranz Says:

    Good luck and enjoy the ride 😉

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