Back On Track

After a few weeks of being very very busy… I finally have finished most of the things I had to do and finally have some time to continue contributing to Ubuntu.

The first thing I’ve done, is to add some ideas to brainstorm and apply for JJ UDS Sponsorship. My Ideas are the following:

Now, as you may know, translations are open again so let’s start translating.

And finally, I need to request my MOTU mentorship again, since I had to leave it while I was busy… so during this week… I might be restarting my Mentorship Process.

For those who have been waiting me to finish the article of DRBD/NFS and DRBD/MySQL… I will post it soon :).

Btw, if someone who works in FIU (Florida International University) gets to read this, and is willing to help me with information in admissions/assistanships (MS in Telecommunications & Networking or Computer Science) and stuff like that, please contact me or leave me your contact information. Thanks :).

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