Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter – Spanish Translation Efforts

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is translated in many languages every week, but what I’ve noticed is that the Spanish translations have been abandoned. The last translated issue is Issue #95 (you can see it here: [1]).

I believe that there’s many people that would like to read it in their own language rather than English, and that would like to read more about local news. This is way I’m retaking the efforts to translating it into Spanish. The latest Issue (Issue #121) has been published here: [2] (It is not finished yet and needs review).

One thing that is important to know about the UWN translations is that we don’t have to translate it literally. We can include local news, such as news about Spanish speaking LoCo Teams, or more Ubuntu Related News in Latin America/Spain. So, if you want to collaborate in the translations efforts, in making it a better UWN in Spanish, or reviewing it, just contact me:

  • RoAkSoAx on #ubuntu-pe, #ubuntu-es, (and many other channels).
  • andreserl AT ubuntu-pe DOT org

[1]: http://doc.ubuntu-es.org/NSU/Edicion_Actual

[2]: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue121/Es


5 Responses to “Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter – Spanish Translation Efforts”

  1. nick Says:

    Thanks for all your effort!

  2. roaksoax Says:

    this is what we do for a community we love 🙂

  3. fernando Says:

    I can help with the spanish translation

  4. Efrain Valles Says:

    I can also help out.

  5. viperhoot Says:

    Hablas!! empezamos la traducción y lo movemos al wiki de ubuntu-pe 😀

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