Getting a Job… How hard is it?

Almost eight months ago I obtained my professional title of Systems Engineer by supporting my thesis (“Design of a model to Implement High Availability Web Servers”). This thesis consisted on designing a HA cluster model for web servers using LVS, Heartbeat, ldirectord, DRBD. You can fi/nd a blog post about my thesis here.

Well, so after finishing my thesis… I decided that I would like to work on the High Availability  field and/or implementing and managing servers and networks. I decided that I would also like to work with HA clusters and all that’s involved with it, such as administering linux servers, using tools such as LVS, Heartbeat, HAProxy, Keepalived, DRBD, etc. But… I didn’t start to search for a job immediately I finished for my thesis… and now I am.

The thing is that in a country like mine, Peru, and specially my city, Arequipa, there are no jobs related to this. I’ve been job searching for a while now… and I’ve been unlucky because I havent found any, not even administering networks or servers. I’ve tried to search for online jobs but with the same results… nothing…

So, if anyone knows where can I find such a job, internship, or even work from home job where a young professional can develop its skills, please let me know. It would be much appreciated… and if its something related with Ubuntu… it would be much much better :).

My resumé can be found here:


15 Responses to “Getting a Job… How hard is it?”

  1. leonel Says:

    How about YOUR OWN BUSINESS related to whatever you want???

    Remember the key to success is to fill a void in the market or BE THE BEST than the competitors.

    • roaksoax Says:

      I thought of that.. but.. if it’s hard to get a job… it is harder to start a business and get clients… since companies are not even hiring other companies for implementing IT solutions. 🙂 But thanks for the suggestion it has been evaluated already 🙂

  2. Nathaniel McCallum Says:

    I can’t really give you a job (at least yet), but I’d be really interested in reading your thesis if you don’t mind. email me and let me know either way…

  3. Denis Fuenzalida Says:

    I’ve read your email and all I can think of is that probably not looking on the right places, because your CV looks fine and you show excellent English skills. You should give some more detail to what kind of activities did you perform on your previous jobs.

    Have you signed up for an account on Have you tried looking for telecommuting jobs on Monster/Dice/Slashdot Jobs/etc.?

    I’ve lived all my life on Santiago, Chile, but I found a great job, programming applications for an Australian company by telecommuting. It took me a lot to find it, I sent hundreds of emails to each opportunity I could find.

    Don’t give up, it shows you’ve got the skills, just have patience and look on the right places.



  4. sharms Says:

    I only have experience in the united states, so this might not apply there, but your resume needs to be heavily changed. You need to try and showcase your talents, what you can do. Right now its just a very small section at the end.

  5. EDK Says:

    Did you look at canonicals offerings? Like for example? Even if they’re searching for a different time zone, working hours might fit into your personal planning.

  6. Fernando Says:

    Andres no tienes visa para USA? aca puedes obtener algunos trabajos con tu titulo

  7. Herman Bos Says:

    If you like to go abroad (at least for several years), you can also expand your view to the rest of the world. If your *good* you’ll be able to get a job abroad for sure. Also in the field you describe.

    If I would find someone here (in my town) with the experience you mention in your CV and who is well motivated I would almost certainly want to hire him. Or know at least a few other companies who would love to.

    Having experience abroad might also improve your job possibilities in Peru when you return. Its probably valueable.

    • roaksoax Says:

      Hello. Yep, this is a good idea and this is what I’ve been looking for but with no luck. Now I know more places to look for a job, so I’ll be searching for one.

  8. angystardust Says:

    Hi Andres,
    sorry…this won’t help you in finding a job but I would be very inserested in reading you thesis!

    • roaksoax Says:

      Hi there. I know it wont help me find a job, I just wanted to share my experience in job searching and show how frustrating is to search for a job in my Country, specially in my city. About my thesis.. I’ll be posting it soon. But, it is in Spanish :).

  9. martinx73 Says:

    Bienvenido al Club
    Welcome to the Jungle

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