VPS Hosting question

Hello all,

I’m writing this time to ask for your advice… I’m thinking on renting a VPS hosting. It will be used for a LAMP Server running WordPress. Now, the question is: Will a VPS running with 128 RAM be enough for my purpose?

I look forward to your suggestions :).


21 Responses to “VPS Hosting question”

  1. zonky Says:

    I’ve done it on a 512mb slice, 8.04 LTS, with a minimal install – and I’ve got only just over 240mb ram free.

  2. Oli Says:

    LAMP? Probably not without swapping (incredibly bad news)

    If you can use lighter servers (eg dump apache for nginx/lighttpd/cherokee/etc) you might be able to pull it off comfortably.

    And/or find a cheaper VPS. Linode are awesome *and* cheap so if your budget allows, a 360 or 540 would get you a lot further. Plus make sure you’re using a XEN-powered VPS.

    Shared OpenVZ/etc boxes are awful in comparison even if you do get “burst RAM”.

    If you do go with linode, please consider using my referral: 18f121d2d8e8985a3bd752b945f5410ba2627e69 – it’s worth $20 to me and I’d like the free month of hosting “in the current climate” =)


  3. Kurt Kraut Says:

    Yes, absolutely. I’d say even 64mb would perform well for a single site hosted. But I think lighttpd deserves a shot.

  4. schmichael Says:

    128 should be enough if you carefully configure things.

    I use and love Linode. The community in #linode on OFTC and on the forums can help you get things configured. They start at 360 MB of RAM though which is plenty of RAM to run a few sites in.

  5. Hobbsee Says:

    I’m not sure on the 128mb of ram VPS question, but I thought i’d throw out linode.com as a good solution for a lot of people who want a VPS. It’s got 360mb of ram, and is only $20/month

  6. matthew Says:

    Probably not. Mine has 256M and I had trouble running Apache consistently. I’m currently having great success with nginx in the same configuration, but 128M is cutting it awfully close. Unless you were serving static html, I don’t think that is enough memory.

  7. Fabian Says:

    Yes and no. I’m running a LAMP server with vhosting and mediawiki (low volume though) as well as postfix, dovecot etc.. and it manages fine performancewise with some swap space. I’m using up 137mb in total at the moment.

    • roaksoax Says:

      Thank you very much all of you for your suggestions, and yes, ningx is one of my top candidates for web servers :).

  8. Tony Yarusso Says:

    Eeeeh, maybe. It largely depends on things like how much traffic you get and how good you are at configuring things. A stock Ubuntu LAMP install probably wouldn’t work, but a carefully tweaked one probably could for a lowish traffic site. Something like nginx/cherokee/lighttpd and postgresql/sqlite would be more likely to work though.

    I’ll also give another vote for just going with Linode and getting 360MB though.

  9. Christer Edwards Says:

    I’m running the ubuntu-tutorials site on a VPS (linode) with just 360M ram. I average ~10,000 uniques a day on just that one site and the VPS keeps up just fine.

    I’m using a lighttpd + fastcgi + mysql setup for my WP installations.

    If you haven’t looked at linode, I’d suggest it.

  10. Ralesk Says:

    I use the smallest slice at Slicehost ($20 a month) and it comes with 256 MB of RAM — I can only recommend them 🙂 The community is great, the service is reliable…

    I think if you tweak your system a little, it’ll have a decent footprint.

    I run postfix, cyrus, postgresql, jabberd2, lighttpd with php FCGI for some DokuWikis and an ever-present irssi, and I’m still only using 125 MB RAM and about 29 MB swap.

  11. Frank Groeneveld Says:

    MySQL uses the most memory on my WP vps box. Even disabling InnoDB couldn’t make it work nicely on 128mb 😦

  12. Félix Velasco Says:

    Using lighhtpd instead of apache, and (very importand) disable InnoDB will allow you to run it in 128M, and even have some unused memory…

  13. tuxey Says:

    Slicehost is a great service (that’s what I have). Do NOT go with tecktonic, their lowest VPS is non-usable, too slow.

  14. Vadim P. Says:

    Ubuntu on linode here too. Recommended

  15. Rubén Romero Says:

    I use slicehost, same Rasleck uses and has been working like a charm for $20 a month.

    I run the server with ubuntu on it and thing work great:

    * Fantastic documentation
    * Great support AND community
    * Easy to manage interface (you can even combine several slices in terms of bandwidth)
    * Reliable

    I have a LAMP install with RoR and Python running some static websites, Drupal (ubuntu.ec), PlanetPlanet and some rndom hacks of mine. At a point I even had the spreadubuntu site running there but we had to change it because it was constantly making me use swap (and we all know that swap use su(/s). I still thought redirect everything to the new site: spread.ubuntu.ec



  16. Rudd-O Says:

    Certainly not. Try 256 MB. I work for GPLHost, so you might want to check out our prices and our staff. I myself was running my site on that (then moved to Plone and had to bump the RAM on my VPS).

  17. JanC Says:

    Like Kurt Kraut says, it’s perfectly possible to run 1 WordPress site on a system with 64 MiB RAM, if you take the time to configure things properly.

    If you don’t want to take the time to learn how to configure the system, then 128 MiB or maybe more might be needed though…

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  19. Arnold Says:

    I think yes. Why dont you like to purchased your own cheap vps in 256 or 512mb ram?

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