My First Patch – Patching alsa-tools with Quilt

Today, i’m gonna show you how i did my first patch to alsa-tools using Quilt. I have to thank crimsum who helped me a lot with this package. Actually, this is not just only a Patch… it is a merge where i had to include a Patch.

So i’m gonna show you how i did the merge first and then how I patched it. First of all I download the package as usual and checked the REPORT to see where were the conflicts.

mkdir alsa-tools
cd alsa-tools
../ alsa-tools

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Merging virt-viewer

Now i’m gonna show you how i merged virt-viewer 0.0.3-2 from debian unstable. The first thing to do is to create a work directory and dowload the package:

$ mkdir virt-viewer
$ cd virt-viewer
virt-viewer$ ../ virt-viewer

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Starting My MOTU Journey

Finally I decided to start the process of becoming a MOTU!

It has been months since I first got interested on Ubuntu Development but I didn’t have much time to do it, and i know that’s a shame. I’m finally finishing University this year and I said, I need to make myself time to do this.

MOTU is a good way to start this process. I’ve have been playing around with some tools, specially trying to do merges so that i can understand them, but none official, just for myself.

After reading effei’s study plan I decided to follow it, and that will be my start point. If anyone has a suggestion on where should I start, what should I do or simply want to help me, feel free to do it, I will be more that glad.

Oh, by the way, if anyone want to know who I am and what I do, I’m RoAkSoAx on freenode, My Launchpad and Wikipage.